Fresh local milk is best!

Milk sales have really taken off since we first started bottling about 12 months ago. We have recently invested in greater capacity for pasteurizing the milk and can now achieve up to 800 litres per hour.

We currently deliver on a Monday and Thursday and the milk comes from that morning’s milking of the herd, so you couldn’t get it any fresher, unless you milked the cow yourself!

Our customers tell us they like the cream at the top of the container – the way it used to be. This is because our milk is not homogenized; we only pasteurize the milk.

“The Apprentice”

Downsview Farm was recently used as a filming venue for one of the contestant tasks featured in the current series of the popular BBC TV show “The Apprentice”.

The contestants had to come up with two novel ice cream flavours and then sell it to outlets in London.  Under the watchful eye of Sarah, “Avocado & Chilli” and “Toffee Apple” flavours were created.  An order for the “Toffee Apple” was placed by a Central London cinema chain and was duly fulfilled by Downsview Farm.

After some attention from the local media, we have decided to keep the “Toffee Apple” flavour on our regular list.  All-in-all, it was an experience that we all enjoyed!

Bright FM

We’ll be at the Burgess Hill Shopping Centre 31st May with the Bright FM Roadshow for the competition to select a new ice cream flavour. Of course, the ice cream is made by Downsview Farmhouse!

The two competing flavours to be sampled are: Chocolate & Orange and Rhubarb & Ginger. If you are in the area, why not pop along and try some yourself?