About Us

CalvesDownsview Farm is a family business that has been involved in dairy for over 50 years.
In June 2006 we launched the “Downsview Farmhouse” brand of real luxury dairy ice cream, which proved an instant hit. Since then, demand for Downsview Farmhouse products has continued to grow rapidly. Not only for our ice cream but also our fresh milk and cream.
The secret behind the Downsview product range, we believe, is the rich milk produced by our own herd of dairy cows.

GrazingWe are often asked questions about the “farming side of things”, so if you are interested, please read on…
Our herd of over 100 dairy cows is made up mainly of the British Friesian. The cows graze at pasture for the spring and summer months and are housed in an open-sided building during the winter when the pasture land is too wet to carry cattle. While housed, the cows eat a diet based on grass and maize silage, all of which is grown on the farm. We take the ethical side of the business seriously; all our product containers are recyclable. Our carbon footprint is kept down because our products are delivered locally, and our herd is fed from our farm grown feed. We also take animal welfare very seriously and our attention to detail with herd management pays off as the cows reward us with a supply of the rich, creamy milk that makes the Downsview Farmhouse products so special.